Sushi Dining Den Vaucluse

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Please note that an additional surcharge applies to all food and drinks(both eat in and take away)

on Sundays and public holidays.
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Sushi Dining DEN Vaucluse

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We are OPEN!! Welcome you IN!!

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We’re open seven days a week to welcome you in.
By using real japanese ingredients, fresh seafoods, and secret family recipes.
Enjoy your time with our special meal.

UberEats, Deliveroo and Menulog available.
Please check Take Away page!

Delicious and Nutritious

Japanese cuisine is delicious to eat and is one of the healthiest in the world.

Japanese have had the world’s highest life expectancy due to this.

One of the big reasons why Japanese people keep a low level of cholesterol in their blood is the diet is high in fish, rich in polyunsaturated (“good”) fats (in particular, eicosopentaenoic acid, EPA), and the seaweeds Kombu and Nori.
These contain high amounts of iodine as well as minerals and micro-elements which are both healthy and also impart to Japanese food its inimitable flavour.

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